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Tendaho Sugar Factory

It is found at the lower Awash River Basin of Afar Regional State around Millie, Doubti, Assaeitta and Affambo Woredas at a distance of 670 k.m. from Addis Ababa. The project was started in 2006 with 50,000 hectares of land to be cultivated and is a two-phased factory construction with a 26,000 TCD with its full capacity. The first phase of the factory with 13,000 TCD has started production as of October, 2014. Upon coming to its maximum crushing capacity with phase two completed, the factory will be able to produce more than 619,000 tons of sugar and 63,000 meter cube ethanol annually.


Out of the total hectares of the cane farm land the factory cultivates 25,000 hectares sugarcane plantation field by its own while the rest 25,000 hectares are to be cultivated by surrounding out grower pastoralists. The factory has cultivated sugarcane over 19,000 hectares till November, 2014. The cane cultivation field is getting its water supply from Tendaho Dam that has a capacity of holding more than 1.8 billion cubic meter water.


It is the hugest plant in the country and it will take the lion’s share of the total amount of sugar produced in the nation. Out of the total 120 mega watt electric power it generates from its sugar bi-product it will export 76 Mega Watt electric powers to the national grid while the rest is consumed for its own regular operation. Furthermore, up on completion of the construction of the second phase and reaching its maximum production capacity the factory is expected to create job opportunities for around 50,000 citizens.