Tendaho Sugar Development Project

  • Located at Afar Regional State 577 km from Addis Ababa, with its command area encircling some areas of Millie, Doubtti, Assaiytta and Affambo Woredas  and when completed the factory will be the only huge factory both in the nation and African continent.
  • The construction of the factory was started in 2006 while the study of the project was begun in 2004. The construction of the factory will be conducted in two phases and after completion and reaching its full production capacity it will be able to produce 619,000 tons of sugar and 63,000 cubic meter Ethanol per year.
  • The productivity of the factory’s cane plantation land is 125 tons per ha. Its total area of  sugarcane plantation field is 50,000 ha out of which 25,000 ha will be cultivated by the factory itself and the rest 25,000 ha by cane out growers.
  • Totally 17,233 residential and 308 non residential or service giving blocks will be constructed out of these the construction and consignment of some is already done.
  • The factory, by the end of the GTP period, will create job opportunity to close 50,000 citizens. And, upon reaching its maximum production capacity, it will contribute from 65-70 mega watts to the national grid covering its own consumption.
  • To supply water continuously to the factory’s cane cultivation field and make irrigable land to natives a dam (Tendaho Dam) with a capacity of holding 1.8 billion cubic liter water is built.  


The Omo-Kuraz Sugar Development Project